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P for Purpose

Finding your identity, is the start to finding your purpose in life.

H for Humility

There is a difference in pride and confidence. Humility is that separation.

A for Accountability

We were not made to do this life alone. Warriors stab you in the front with truth.

R for Respect

Act like you deserve to be here. Stand tall, clean up your act, and do what you know is right.

E for Excellence

As Warriors know we are not perfect, but still strive for excellence in all we do.

Started in 2022 as an official non-profit operating in Indiana, the PHARE Warrior skeleton has been operating the FIGHT CLUB program in Central Indiana for 10 years, ministering to thousands of men.

We were graciously offered to run the program for the first 8 years under the funding of The Fortress Foundation, and now are in the growth and incubation period on our own funding and under a board of Directors.

Board of Directors

  • Justin Masterson
  • Brian Austin
  • Mark Vare
  • Michael Hosking
  • Matthew Boor
  • Bob Loy
  • Matt Zappasodi

We continue to find that men are attracted to our programs because it provides the key ingredients that men need. Challenge and Camaraderie. We believe that all men are created to be Warriors. Unfortunately our culture doesn’t teach the every day man how to be a Warrior at home. How to lead your family spiritually. How to be disciplined, and to teach others self-discipline. How to challenge a brother in accountability without being angry, or losing the relationship. There are so many other reasons we exist, but to put it simply, we were one way, and then we were changed by Jesus through this ministry. That change insists we don’t keep it to ourselves. If we want to change the community we live in, you must help guide one man at a time.

Some of our leaders on stage at a Graduation ceremony we held at Northview Church in Carmel, IN.