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Steve Weatherford

A Terre Haute, Indiana native, Steve and his wife Laura have 6 children, and live in Texas.

He was a multi-sport athlete in Highschool, attending the University of Illinois in 2001 where he became the starting punter in 2002, as well as a member of the Track and Field team.

In 2006 he joined the New Orleans Saints, went on to play for the Chiefs, Jaguars, Jets, and the Giants. While with the Giants in 2012 he defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

He is a podcast host, philanthropist, and passionate for telling people that JESUS IS KING.




Justin Masterson

One of the surprising facts about Justin is he is a Jamaican. Born there from his missionary Pastoral parents, Justin was raised in Ohio. He has a fun-loving personality, and if you meet him, he will probably reach out for a hug before a hand-shake. Justin and his wife Meryl have 3 children, and live in the suburbs of Indianapolis.

He attended Bethel College (now University) in Mishawaka, IN following his big sister. After two years he transferred to San Diego State to be led by the one and only Tony Gwynn.

In 2006 he joined the Boston Red Sox. After a short stent in the minor leagues, in early 2008 he made his first Major League Debut against the LA Angels of Anaheim. He also played for the Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the LA Dodgers. In 2013 Justin was named to the MLB All-Star Team.

He is a podcast host, non-profit leader and entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and passionate disciple of Jesus.




Jeff Larkin

A Hoosier, Jeff and his wife Beth have 11 children between the both of them, and live in Kokomo, Indiana.

He joined the United States Air Force at a young age, and retired from active duty for 35 years as a Master Sargent. He served as an Aircraft Technician and trained with some of the top experts in his field.

In the spring of 2017 Jeff was introduced to FIGHT CLUB through a mentor Ty Rogers. Reluctantly Jeff accepted the challenge of becoming a FIGHT CLUB man. God got his attention, and gave Jeff a new mission.

He is a Warrior. He says it best, and when you hear it, you know he means it…”I will Fight to hell and back for you”.




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